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The following list is an overview of the major services we provide.

Engineering Drawings - Assemblies, parts lists, schematics, printed circuit board, wiring diagrams, fabrication details, standard parts, etc., utilizing state of the art CAD/CAM software and workstations.

Electromechanical Design & Packaging - Rack and panel, chassis, enclosures, mechanical parts, electromechanical assemblies, etc.

Printed Circuit Board Design - Extensive layout skills including library creation, schematic capture, netlist conversion, component placement, routing, and post processing to create single-sided, double-sided,  multilayer, and flexible circuit boards. Experience with analog, digital, RF, video, high speed, DUT, and power supply board layouts.

Website Design & Hosting - Simple or complex websites, with optional site hosting on our server.

Multimedia - audio and video editing, logos, graphics, signs, brochures, and multimedia presentations.

Photography - All aspects of photography using digital and film cameras and related equipment.


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